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About Us/Training

Our Story...

In Ireland we have a dedicated Office for the design sales and support of the Prihoda Fabric Ducting product. Prihoda was founded in the Czech Republic in 1994 by Mr Zdenek Prihoda, who remains the very active owner of the business today.  Prihoda has grown enormously since those early days and now employs over 110 people over 3 sites in the Czech town of Hlinsko in the Moravian part of the Czech Republic.  We have over 15 laser cutting machines and manufacture across the 3 company owned sites.  Laser Machines and Sonic Welding equipment has been designed by us for our specific needs and remains custom made for our company, such is the innovative nature of our product and development.

Last year we used over 700,000m2 of material which equates to an area of over 101 football fields.  We supply to over 60 countries world wide (Germany being our largest single market).  We remain one of the most innovative Fabric Ducting companies in the world having been the first to introduce a 10 year warranty and Micro-Perforation Diffusers. We are the only company to offer a production Negative Pressure Extract Fabric Ducting System and we remain the only company in Europe to offer a fully 100% POST CONSUMER recycled material Fabric Ducting Range.

We are committed to continuing to develop our product and the information we provide to our customers. We already supply as standard Air Velocity Graphics, Noise Data and 3D drawings with our quotations, soon we hope to be able to be able to offer a bespoke BIM file for each and very project.  We think our product is one of the best available in the world and we are one of the top 5 manufacturers in the world by turnover and production volume. Everything about our product and systems has been designed for the purpose of Fabric Ducting and to benefit our customers and end users.

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Prihoda Value (Quality)

Prihoda believes that we offer the best ratio of quality and price.  This remains our focus, to remain competitive across the world whilst providing a high quality product designed to last a long time.  We are owned by our principle, Mr Zdenek Prihoda, because of his vision we reinvest our profits and focus on innovation and research and development to keep us moving forward and to keep the product developing and improving all of the time, we don’t consider anything as finished. It’s important to offer a really good product and to be competitive in the market at the same time, this is what we aim to achieve and this is what allows us to continue to grow.

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Bex Warwick-Smith

Specialism:Accts, Sales, Credit Control.

Bex is responsible for the Accounts and Credit Control. You might also find yourself talking to Bex when she calls to progress quotations as she works with sales too. Bex had her own personal fitness training business in London prior to becoming a full time mum. Bex wanted to be ‘One of the kids from Fame’ when she was growing up (and an Indian …. obviously).


Paul Russon

Specialism:Managing Director

Paul has been designing Fabric Ducting systems since the 1990’s and has a history of Industrial Refrigeration Design and Consultancy work prior to forming Prihoda UK Ltd.  Paul’s principle responsibilities are Marketing, Accounts, Sales and Orders with an eye on long term strategy. Paul wanted the Six Million Dollar Man with the bionic eye when he was growing up (and Stretch Armstrong).


Mark Russon

Specialism:Operations Director

Mark has been working with fabric Ducting systems for 10 years now and has a background in Mechanical Engineering and Facilities Management prior to forming Prihoda UK Ltd with Paul.  Mark is responsible for day to day quotation operations, shipping and installation works.  Mark wanted the Evil Knievel stunt bike and to be a Fireman when he was growing up.

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Prihoda UK Mission

At Prihoda we aim to provide a quality service by quoting quickly and accurately whilst providing a quality product at a competitive price. We aim to provide a high level of information to allow our customers to make informed choices about air movement, noise, system design and velocity/comfort levels. We aim to have all of our products manufactured and delivered within a 3 - 4 week window. It's our job to assist and inform, to guide and ask questions to ultimately ensure that - through confidence in us and our products - our customers are motivated to work with us. We aim to be open and honest in all of our dealings.

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Training: Prihoda Academy

Here at Prihoda we tailor-make some fantastic products which solve many air distribution problems and create aesthetic systems for a huge range of commercial and industrial applications. However we also recognise that what we produce is only as good as the people that design, sell and support it. That’s why we have the Prihoda Academy.

The Prihoda Academy was specifically created to train our agents, representatives and designers in all things Prihoda. We have many diffuser types, suspension options, material choices and fantastic in house software to assist in the design and selection of Prihoda Fabric Ducting products. It’s important for example to know what kind of air pattern results from laser cut perforations. But it’s perhaps more important to know how to manipulate these air patterns by using hole size, row numbers, row widths and temperature differences, to create the precise air pattern required for the customers project. This is the objective of the Prihoda Academy.

All of this allows us to help and train the people that represent us, but also and equally as important, it allows them to give us feedback at the same time. It is offering us thoughts and opinions we may never ordinarily get to hear, these teach us and influence our development of Prihoda Products both existing and future. Prihoda Academy is driven by the desire to ensure our customers and end users are provided with the prefect solutions for their project needs.

Prihoda has representatives in over 90 countries around the world, so we take the Prihoda Academy to locations near them.

Training: CPD Courses

We also have a CIBSE approved CPD course (more coming) for any engineers wishing to know more about Fabric Ducting as a product.

Our FABRIC DUCTING DESIGN (OVERVIEW) course has been created to provide engineers with a good understanding of Fabric Ducting and things to consider during selection. During the course we discuss common design principles, suitable applications, air patterns from different styles of diffuser, common pitfalls and other things to consider.

The course lasts for about an hour with questions and is ideal as a lunchtime seminar for groups of Engineers with relevant interest in the product.

Additional CPD courses going into further detail on the subjects of ‘Diffusers and Air Distribution’ and ‘Pressure’ will become available at some future point.

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