Restaurant Ventilation

The Requirement For Restaurant Ventilation

Restaurants have quite specific requirements for air movement with customers sitting down to eat and socialise for several hours. The last thing customers want is to feel air movement at their table, restaurant ventilation is essential for creating the perfect atmosphere for your clientele. When using a rigid ducting system with grilles, an air conditioning system with split wall units or ceiling mounted cassettes it’s actually more difficult that most people allow for (it’s the same in offices).  Prihoda has designed and supplied many restaurant ventilation systems for restaurants over the years, most replace existing installations that create customer discomfort and/or noise complaints.

Bespoke Design For Your Restaurant

Prihoda Fabric Ducting systems are designed specifically for the project at hand. The initial stage of a restaurant ventilation project is we look at the room layout, where the ducts will be mounted, where the customers are sitting and then we plan the air distribution by calculating the velocities in the occupied zones – producing air flow graphics for velocity and noise as standard.

Match The Colour Of Your Duct To Your Branding

Our restaurant ventilation ducts are available in a range of 9 standard colours but with our Prihoda Art option, you can choose any possible colour, gradient, graphic or message to put on your ducts to make them a part of the ambience of the room, or to advertise or create an interesting feature.  The only limit is your imagination.

10 Year Warranty On Your Restaurant Ventilation System

Our restaurant ducts have a 10 year warranty on the material and sewn joints and are easily to unzip and wash in a commercial or domestic washing machine ensuring clean ducting is easily achieved whenever you want it.

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