Commercial Ventilation

What is commercial ventilation?

Commercial ventilation systems can cover a wide range of commercial applications from retail, through to sport and leisure as well as office accommodation. We are very active in all of these areas and provide specialist commercial ducting solutions for each application based upon its special requirements. For example, offices with low ceilings and cool air conditioning temperatures will require low velocity air distribution (which we can do with aesthetic half round commercial duct systems and some really cool printing on the ducts if required to match your branding).

How can commercial ventilation improve air flow or work place Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

Our commercial ventilation materials are light weight yet rugged and come with a 10 year warranty as standard, we have a range of air diffusion solutions and each individual system is designed bespoke to achieve the requirements of that project and then made to order. All element of your commercial vent system is considered from velocity, noise, air movement, suspension, aesthetics and future maintenance. Commercial air duct cleaning has never been easier! We have a lot of experience and we supply hundreds of ventilation systems each year.  Please contact us if you wish to talk through your ideas.

Is commercial ventilation suitable for my application??

Swimming Pools will require warm air distribution, and with Prihoda commercial ducting systems long term corrosion issues disappear. Our polyester non permeable material is not affected by the pool environment, can be as colourful as you imagine and is easily cleaned. Retail areas often large open spaces can benefit from significant cost savings using Prihoda Fabric Ducting for air distribution across large open spaces whilst using the ducting to display corporate messages or colours – or adverts.

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