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Made responsibly to make a difference

Our Recycled Fabric Ducts look and perform in an identical way to our standard range of Fabric Ducting (and doesn’t cost much more either). The only difference is that the polyester that they are made from has come from melting down recycled Plastic Water Bottles.

The Water bottles are collected from the usual recycling points and the bottles are chopped into plastic chips and then melted before being filtered to extract impurities from the contents, printing or other contaminants.  The clean polyester material is then spun into fibres for us to use for Fabric Ducting in exactly the same way as fibres made from virgin polyester.

This makes the material in our recycled Fabric Ducting 100% POST CONSUMER recycled material. We have used materials that have previously been discarded and could have headed for landfill or found themselves in the worlds oceans…..

Sustainable - Genuinely...

…. by re-using a previously manufactured product we are not having to use new precious hydrocarbons to make the polyester material.  We also reduce the energy consumption required to manufacture the fibres by 66%, whilst reducing green house gas emissions by over 34% and reducing water consumption by nearly 50%

We know that we save 13 x 500ml plastic bottles for every m2 of material we use.  That means a 10m long 630mm diameter fabric duct would save over 257 plastic water bottles.  We’ll tell you how many bottles you could save when we send you your quotation.

Once the Fabric Duct has finished it’s useful life there is no reason why it can’t be chopped up and recycled again.  It need never be wasted creating a virtuous circle of supply, recycling and reuse.


Our recycled Fabric Ducting has the same qualities as the standard products. It is….

  • Flame Retardant
  • Non fibre shedding cleanroom compatible
  • Non shrink
  • Hygroscopic
  • Available in a range of 9 stock colours for permeable material and 4 stock colours for non permeable material
  • 10 year warranty



The recycled yarn that makes our material is produced by Repreve a Unifi Company.  Repreve documents everything about the manufacturing and sourcing process and has their yarn 3rd party certified by SCS Global services. Additionally the U-trust system and its fiber print technology certify the claimed Repreve recycled content in a product before it is allowed to use the Repreve brand name. We have this certification (contact us if you’d like to see a copy).

We decided to go the extra mile to get a Type III EPD based on third party verified Life Cycle Analysis allowing us to deliver an independent EPD using a Certified recycled product to help with any BREAM or LEED Projects.

There are manufacturers out there who have 3rd party certification who would have you believe their product is also ‘green’.  You’ll know that they have little or in fact no recycled content in their Textile Based Ventilation (TBV) systems because they don’t talk about it.  If you want a genuinely recycled product please don’t accept a certification, do your homework.

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Environmental Benefits

In comparison to Virgin Polyester Material


Post Consumer Material


Less energy used during manufacture


Less water used during manufacture


Less Greenhouse Gas emissions during manufacture


Recycled and 100% Recyclable.

Recycled Material Brochure PDF

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