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Clarks shoes Distribution warehouse Fabric Ducting


Shoe Warehouse

Prihoda were approached to create a fabric ducting system for a large shoe distribution warehouse. The main concern was to provide employee comfort in the summer conditions. In order to achieve the brief, it was decided to offer cool spots at regular lengths along the picking conveyor but also directing air into the racking aisles, […]

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Prihoda Art Images


Prihoda Art

At Prihoda we are always looking at ways to innovate, to solve problems or create improved performance and with our in-house printing technology, Prihoda Art, we can create a look, style or colour exactly as the customer wants. We can supply fabric ducts in any Pantone colour, with any pattern, any image or text. The […]

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Designing Swimming Pools

Swimming pool applications are popular for Prihoda Fabric Ducting due to the advantages they provide compared with traditional rigid systems. The pool environment is quite corrosive to traditional ducting materials, making fabric ducting a brilliant choice. The lightweight nature of fabric ducts also means that less secondary steel support is required therefore making installation quicker […]

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Gym Ventilation

We all know that fitness centres and gyms can be quite cramped spaces, with low ceilings and high occupancy per metre squared. Fortunately, Prihoda Fabric Ducting comes in a variety of shapes and can be designed to fit into most situations using either round, half round, quarter round or ellipse shapes to deliver air into […]

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