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Designing Sports Halls

Large sports centres are a regular application for Prihoda Fabric Ducting. We can design a large range of diffusion air patterns to meet the need of any space. Often large spaces and low air volumes combine to make these applications challenging, but because we design our systems individually for every job we’ll have the correct […]

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Membrane Systems

Membrane diffusers allow one duct to provide 2 systems. The top half of the duct is the cooling diffuser and the bottom half the heating diffuser – with a non-permeable membrane installed inside the duct separating the two different types of diffusers.  When cooling a motor (supplied) will move the membrane to block the heating […]

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Dodowa Hospital


Ghanaian Hospitals opt for Fabric Ducting

Recently Prihoda were involved in the first of 6 new regional hospitals in Ghana, collectively known as “Built to Care Ghana”. This scheme was originally conceived by Hoare Lea and Partners of Bristol as a Natural Ventilation System, upon visiting the project they suggested that as a consequence of the hot climate and dusty atmosphere, […]

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Laser Cut Diffusers

Laser Cut Perforations can create amazing air diffusion flexibility as diffuser positions and air patterns are limitless. With diameters starting at 4mm, we can laser cut any size of perforation, in any position on the duct, we can add any number of rows, change the spacing between the rows and change the spacing between the […]

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