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Retail Fabric Ducting

In large retail areas Fabric Ducting offers a better, more uniform air pattern than a traditional system, thanks to the large amount of diffusion area in the space provided by the Fabric Duct. Frequently we design different air patterns on one duct installed over different areas, for example no air diffusion in the refrigerated areas. […]

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BIM (Building Information Modelling)

At Prihoda everything is bespoke. That’s why we produce a BIM model for every quote we do. We produce an IFC fileĀ that shows every section of duct and every bendĀ or transition too. It’s easy to click on any section and see the supporting information for the air volume, diameter, length, type of material and all […]

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Lantern Air Diffuser

The lantern Diffuser is another Prihoda innovation. Designed to be installed vertically and typically serving evaporative cooling systems the lantern diffuser allows you to deliver air horizontally in any direction or vertically downwards if required. We achieve air distribution flexibility through an adjustable membrane to direct the air horizontally or vertically with the addition of […]

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University of York

We supplied in excess of 20 Fabric Ducts to York University for their Chemistry Labs. Students on both under graduate and post graduate courses use the labs frequently. All areas with fume cupboards are supplied with makeup air to overcome the extracted air when the fume cupboards are in operation. Supply and extract systems are […]

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