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University of York

We supplied in excess of 20 Fabric Ducts to York University for their Chemistry Labs. Students on both under graduate and post graduate courses use the labs frequently. All areas with fume cupboards are supplied with makeup air to overcome the extracted air when the fume cupboards are in operation. Supply and extract systems are linked to ensure supply and extract volumes remain balanced. We used a directional micro-perforation diffusion system to achieve the low velocity air pattern needed to supply large air volumes without affecting the very sensitive fume cupboard sensors. Micro-perforations allow us to place tiny laser cut perforations wherever we want on the duct circumference, they stop the supply air dumping in a column below the duct – a problem with permeable only traditional Fabric Ducting systems – and reduce the amount of maintenance required by alleviating dust build up and blockage within the duct, which also helps the system run more efficiently reducing energy costs. For more information on this project click here