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University of York, Chemistry Lab

University of York – Chemistry Labs

We recently supplied over 20 Fabric Ducts to the Chemistry Labs at the University of York. The labs are used extensively by students as part of their under graduate and post graduate studies and we recently visited to take photos on their busy open day.

The labs are well furnished and make up air is supplied into all areas with Fume Cupboards to overcome the air extracted during Fume Cupboard operation. The supply and extract systems are linked to supply and extract the correct volumes.

Prihoda Fabric Ducting allows the air to exit small 0.2mm micro-perforations along the ducts so that the air entering the space does not affect the delicate sensors on the fume cupboards.

Some of the benefits on this project included

•Flame Retardant Material
•Anti-bacterial protection
•Cleanroom quality material (non fibre shedding) ISO4 class
•Easy to Clean – zipped construction – east to install and remove