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Prihoda Fabric Ducting at the ACR Show 2016


ACR Show 2016 – Prihoda Fabric Ducting

Prihoda UK is again exhibiting at the ACR show 2016.  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning are vital areas of trade for us and we have so many interesting products and innovations it’s a perfect platform for us to meet our customers and demonstrate the benefits of Prihoda Fabric Ducting.  This year we are on stand F50 quite a large space which we’ve split in order to offer Industrial and Commercial aspects to the product line. The Industrial side will for example display our ‘Defrost Socks’ whilst our Commercial side will be installed with working ‘SquAiretex’ lay in grid ceiling tile fabric diffusers.  Most of our products on the stand will be made from RECYCLED MATERIAL – this is 100% made from recycled plastic bottles.  Please note this is a product which uses 100% POST CONSUMER recycled material, taken directly from the consumers waste bin and re-used to make our Fabric Ducting. Every Polyester Fabric Duct is recyclable – competitors offering this are offering nothing new – this is actually made from post consumer waste AND recyclable so never need be thrown away again…. it’s a truly virtuous product, please come and talk to us and have a look.

You can find the web site for the show here:-

You can download a PDF of the show plan (for October 2015) below… remember we’re stand F50.