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Eastwood School – Glasgow

Eastwood School Glasgow

Prihoda have supplied over 220 ducts to a Glasgow School for Cooling, Heating and Tempered Fresh Air in each classroom served by the Fabric Ducting. All ducts are Half Round shaped and mounted direct to the exposed concrete ceiling. Inlet spigots are located in a bulkhead at the front of the room where the rigid supply duct enters the room by 75mm. The Fabric Duct has a round inlet in fabric which slides over the rigid inlet and clamps to it. This transition then transforms to half round before all zipping together to the main duct. The ventilation systems are controlled by a variable air volume air conditioning system which alters the volume of air to the room depending upon the load requirements. Fabric Ducting normally requires a fixed air volume to maintain shape (or internal rings) however the half round Fabric Ducting has been installed using our unique tensioning system which keeps the duct taught and wrinkle free all of the time, so that when the air volume drops and the external static pressure required to inflate the duct reduces they remain in their half round shape without any effect on aesthetics.

The Prihoda Fabric Ducting Systems were provided with the following features….

•Flame Retardant Material
•Anti-bacterial protection (silver)
•Non fibre shedding cleanroom standard
•Anti-static protection using carbon fibres woven into the material
•Anti-Clogging micro-perforation technology developed by Prihoda.
•10 Years Warranty
•Choice from 9 stock colours at no additional cost.

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