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Innovative Prihoda Materials

At Prihoda, our materials have been created specifically for Fabric Ducting applications. We’ve taken time to look at the common problems and have designed materials perfectly suited to Fabric Ducting applications. Our innovation and development has enabled us to create our ‘classic’ material which is not only Flame Retardant but also completely non-fibre shedding, ideal for food, cleanroom, hospital and any typical application as standard. We offer anti-bacterial and anti-static options in a single upgrade and you can choose from 9 standard colours from stock or have your duct printed any colour you want with any logo, design or message. Our materials are rugged and our sewn joints so physically strong that we offer a 10 year warranty on our classic and premium material as standard. Prihoda are not using traditional materials with historic weaves, our materials are bespoke, innovative and designed to perform. For more information please click here