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Prihoda Tex-tile

Prihoda Tex-tiles are a bit different from our usual products. With the exception of their aluminium frame they are made entirely from fabric, including the equalizer and plenum box above the ceiling. Depending on the design chosen they distribute air along a ceiling either in a swirling manner or in one or more directions. The supply air passes through the fabric via a mixture of laser cut perforations and pockets that are sonic welded to the fabric. The plenum boxes can be created with an insulating layer for cooling below dew point and to provide noise dampening. Advantages of using Prihoda Tex-tile diffusers are that they are reasonably priced, lightweight, quick to install, easy to clean and are available in many different colours and sizes. For more information please click here.



Prihoda tex-tile

Ceiling tile diffusers, light, washable & complete with plenum box and equaliser.